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VTL Living was born out of a belief that true wellness is achieved through a holistic approach to life. A return to the fundamental principles of wellbeing and a deeper connection to self.

A little about me - Hi I'm Lauren, a Certified Health Coach, my journey toProfile Picture wellness started well before I got my qualifications. I've had to find healthier ways to  manage my mental health, energy levels and recurring health issues. I've seen loved ones suffer with disease and see the health care system fail them in ways I would never have expected. Working in the corporate world for over 15+ years I’ve learnt just how important health, wellbeing and balance are in sustaining your vitality so you're able to function at your best. 

As a qualified Nutrition and Wellbeing coach I understand the fundamentals of nutrition and health. I'm fascinated by the latest in gut and mitochondrial function and how they protect us from chronic illnesses and support our longevity. 

While conventional medicine has its place I believe we can do more to prevent chronic disease and reduce the burden on the medical system. I created this space to share the latest research and practical tools to help you make informed decisions about your health, to empower you to take control of your wellbeing and to reclaim your vitality. If you're tired of being tired, anxious, sick, unmotivated, struggling with illness or just looking to be your best self - this is for you!

Join me on this journey to living a Vital Life.

Well College Global - Offering nutrition, wellness and health coaching courses in Australia and worldwide

Certified Nutritian, Health and Wellbeing Coach Graduate from Well College Global

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